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Best Workout Fabrics For Gym Wear

What Are The Best Workout Materials to Look for When Buying Activewear?

Comfort and Movement
Moisture Wicking and Breathability
Exceptional Durability, Workout Wear That Lasts
Fabrics That work with Different Weather

Your activewear does more than make you look good ó the best workout materials can also increase the efficiency of your sweat by keeping you cool and comfortable. Hereís some things to look for when choosing your new gym wear

Best Workout Materials

Comfort and Movement

You put your activewear to the test when you workout. High performance fabrics like Supplex offer a 500% stretch allowing seams to hold up during high activity movement. Fabrics with lots of stretch are important for range of motion and help your performance.

Moisture Wicking & Breathability

Moisture Wicking and Breathability

Part of working out is breaking a sweat so choosing the right performance fabrics can complement your workout activities. Youíll want to choose fabrics that are sweat-wicking and breathable. Fabrics like Supplex will ensure that moisture is wicked away, and so you remain cool and dry throughout your workout.. These styles can also be invaluable during humid and hot months. The breathability of material is crucial as it allows air to flow in and out. The fabric helps prevent overheating. Breathable fabrics help allow airflow thatís important for drying outdampness. One of the extra benefits is it reduces the growth of bacteria and odor.

Workout Wear That Lasts

Your workout wear is an investment in you and your health. Choosing quality fabrics is important. Fabrics that donít fade or dull are also important. Youíll want to choose a high quality fabric that holds its shape use after use and conforms to your particular body shape.

The Elements of Weather

Weather your activity is done in hot, cold, humid climates, choose fabrics and styles that work with you and protect you from the elements. Working out outdoors is now more popular than ever. Breathable, moisture-wicking and water repellant may be a big plus. Also youíll find medium weight or higher Supplex offer an average of SPF of 50+.

Supplex Fabric

Fabrics We Love

SUPPLEX - is fast drying and lots of stretch to adjust to your perfect fit. Itís moisture absorbing materials have fibers designed to absorb and capture sweat. The performance benefits of modern fiber technology. SUPPLEX fabrics are breathable, hold their shape, dry faster than cotton and retain their color.

ELASTANE - also known as Spandex or Lycra, does wonders when mixed with other fabrics. Elastane is stretchy and durable ó two features you definitely want in a pair of trusted workout leggings.

POLYESTER - Antimicrobial, moisture-wicking fabric with a 4-way stretch to move with you. Engineered to lift, sculpt and smooth.

COTTON - Works well for light weight layering pieces. Also a great choice mixed with other fabrics like Elastane for yoga & lounge wear.

TACTEL - Light weight and water resistant fabric. Great for looser fit activities.

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