How To Prepare Nutritional Food

Healthy Meal Prep Ideas

Providing nutritional needs for your family by way of frozen foods and pre-perpared saves time and money. It simplifes figuring out what to cook. It’s important to provide not only healthy solutions but time saving meals. One of Wendy's go-to solutions is helping parents figure out how to cook & prepare in bulk portions. Doing this, allows them to provide their families with meals they can enjoy together and have leftovers for the proceeding days without falling off track. One of Wend'y favorite proven examples is marinating various proteins such as chicken, beef, turkey or vegan meat alternatives in large quantities. Freeze the marinated protiens in family size portions. When the protein of choice is removed from the freezer to unthaw and prepare, it’s already seasoned/marinated which saves a ton of time. (Feel free to reach out to Wendy for a couple of her favorite marinade recipes)

Time Saving Nutritional Food Options

For breakfast, lunch and snacks, it’s important to select items that work for both you and your kids. Easy to prepare food items such as eggs, toast, fruit, Greek yogurt, and fresh fruit are great options. This accomplishes getting your children accustomed to eating healthier as well. Quick easy snacks include nut varieties, fresh fruits, low sugar protein bars, and even kid friendly smoothies to replace sugary juices & popular packs conveniently placed at eye level on the shelf. Its important to create a plan that fits the entire family and not just you. It’s unrealistic to prepare entirely separate meals for you and the rest of the family. Even though you may be a wonder woman, it’s simply not realistic to create separate meals every day.

Making Healthy Food Fun

When it comes to a proverbial cheat meal: it’s recommended to incorporate your children/family in the decision-making process. This brings in an element of fun and excitement. The act of enjoying a cheat meal at the end of the week teaches children how important discipline is, and also how the reward system works. Prioritizing a little meal prep for the upcoming week is key, it stands true for those with or without kids. Meal prep doesn’t need to consume your entire Sunday afternoon. A couple hours, and you’ll be done in no time to relax and your family & body will thank you for it in the end.