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Legging Trends

Leggings are a forever staple we wouldn’t dream of not having in our wardrobe. So which pairs are worth locking down for the long haul? Now there’s a diverse choice of new styles to wake up the basic leggings we know and love. New and exciting legging trends are springing up to take their place. No matter if you're wearing them exclusively for workouts or for lounging the selections are amazing.

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Best Workout Fabrics

Your activewear does more than make you look good — the best workout materials can also increase the efficiency of your sweat by keeping you cool and comfortable. Here’s some things to look for when choosing your new gym wear.

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The Haute Mesh Fashion Trend

It's no secret that it gets blazing hot for summer, so you'll want pieces that are light and breathable to keep you from overheating. Luckily, mesh and crochet pieces are incredibly popular for summer.

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Metallics have moved from the runway to the gym & Swim

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Customizing a nutrition plan for moms requires careful diligence in considering not only your lifestyle but also your family. Efficiency is the name of the game.

Nutritional Preparation
Let's Gym Black Baby Ribbed Tobago Legging

Modern High Waist

We’re seeing the high waist legging everywhere. It’s because it helps support your bodies performance in all your workouts. It’s designed to have a body-hugging fit which gives you lots of comfort. The benefits go on and on from squat proof to yoga stretching you’ll feel good in all your workouts. The higher wide waist also smooths away the dreaded muffin top. The look also gives a longer leg appearance which is elegant and flattering.


Mix Media Of Solids, Prints & Textures

We’re seeing an extensive choice of fabrics. Whether it’s a subtle texture, sublime shine or soft cotton feel the variety of fabrics in Supplex give you so many options. Mixing colors and prints gives you a new fresh look to the changing of the seasons.

Athleisure & Loungewear

It's safe to say that athleisure and loungewear of any kind have officially become the workhorse in our wardrobes. That does not mean you have to resort to a boring pair of sweats. We now have exciting choices in butter soft fabrics. Beautiful colors of tie-dye wash or solids trim with satin sheens. Were curated a beautiful selection to take your athleisure to the next level.

Let's Gyn Pink Dream Pant

Mesh....The Cool Addition

Mesh is peeking up everywhere. A particularly popular addition for all your sweaty pursuits. This trend is more than just breathability; it’s become a statement piece. to the legging is mesh offering mix of fabric textures and fabric weight. You’ll see mesh in sheer see thru, sporty tiny dots to a sexy open fishnet. One of the features of mesh is the amazing stretch. We’re seeing larger perforations, seamless laser cuts, and jacquard patterns. Intricate mesh panels have become an essential part of the sports-luxe aesthetic's that’s partnering fashion & fitness. Shop the mesh trim leggings everyone is talking about.

Criss Cross Waistband

A crisscross waistband is one of the details that takes simple leggings to a higher level. It brings more style to your overall look and is really the perfect update to standard pair of black leggings. You’ll see them in clean silhouettes and rear pocket styles to balance the styling.

Hipkini Zen Mystic Rose Legging

At Body Brazil we have over 1500 leggings to fit your budget & lifestyle. Shop our leggings by designer, color or price.

New Legging Trends

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